Wellness Programs for Spa’s & Wellness Centers

The conductors will study the Spa Menu and tailor specific themed sessions that are merged with the Spa facilities. Those One-on-One sessions that count up to 2 hours are crafted specifically to meet the needs of the costumer. Each session conveys a specific theme (Relaxation, Inner Connectivity, Energy Boosting) etc.

In addition to that the conductors will design unique Wellness Programs ranging from 1 day, 3 days and a complete 7 day Wellness Program. Those Programs include exercises and practices founded by State of ONE and is merged with the (outdoor) property Activities
All the services regardless of duration and nature, are customized and tailored to suit each individual and the environment & nature of your Property perfectly.

State of One designed a themed Wellness Center CONCEPT that is a hub to true complete wellbeing, it is a space where people explore themselves, journey to their infinite depth and lead a life of harmony synchronicity and connection. (for more information about State of One themed Wellness Center contact founders)