Our Mission

Our team’s mission is to deliver wellbeing to individuals through our personalized themed sessions, workshops and retreats. All what we offer is a carefully studied combination of specific Yogic practices with modern Creative/Drama exercises. To insure this wellbeing is fully installed and would sustain itself, we would offer ways (traditional and innovative) how to hold on this wellness, cultivate it and make it blossom, ultimately making wellbeing an effortless lifestyle.

Our team is also dedicated to wellness providers and facilitators (Spa’s, Resorts, Wellness & Alternative Centers) due to the personal belief that those organizations play a major role in wellness. A field study is conducted and the property is well examined to design and incorporate complete wellness programs specifically tailored to meet the needs of the property, suiting its environment, taking it into a new dimension, creating a true wellness destination within the property.

" We Are Family " - temprary rock sculpture by Peter Juhl

Our Vision

Cliché as it may seem, State of One founders, Laura and Wissam imagine all the people living for today, imagine all the people living life in peace, imagine the world will be as one, they imagine all the people sharing all the world, yet Laura and Wissam are not dreamers, they live in peace, they live as One and they share everything with the world. Their vision of the world is as Lennon Imagined, and their quest to realize it introduced them to the ancient Yogic Sciences and the modern Creative/Drama exercises. On a Full Moon night on the shores of Kerala- South India they imagined combining both Yogic and creative and thus State of One was born, a tool to transformation for individuals and organizations in the wellness industry.

Our Values

Laura and Wissam are dedicated devotees to Sadhguru Mata Amritandamayi Devi, known to the world as AMMA, the Values they cultivated are those of their guru, Oneness, Love, Dedication and Devotion. Believing that a person and his career are inseparable, Laura and Wissam implement those values of Love, Dedication and Devotion in their work and to their clients.

Creativity, Communication, Integrity, Service, Reflection, Simplicity, Joy and Wellness are our core values, all with a hint of spirituality, not to forget the most valuable value of all values: LOVE

Our Values