State of One is the project that Wissam and Laura worked on in India. Being in Amritapuri Ashram in Valikau, South India, Wissam and Laura got introduced and felt the impact of the ancient Yogic Practices. They realized this transformation that happened to them personally, can happen to anyone who commits to these practices. They shared their vision with the beautiful people they met and most importantly with their Guru and swamis who helped them shape and strengthen State of One. A major shift to State of One happened when the founders thought of adding the modern Creative/Drama exercises to the base of State of One, that was once purely Yogic. This merge, carefully studied and examined, upgraded State of One to a whole new dimension. A dimension of physical relaxation & harmony, mental sharpness & clarity and charged energy. They later on followed their quest and went deep into researches and studies in the Yogic world and participated in various Psycho-Drama workshops and seminars. They also added their personal transformative experiences to their practices. Towards the end of their journey in India and far Asia they shared their vision of State of One with their Guru Mata Amritadamayi Devi and she instructed them to go share it with the world.

Wissam Malaeb

It all began with a ticket to India when Wissam opened up to the Yogic sciences and became together with Laura Kohlhase founders of State of One. He volunteerd almost 9 month in Composting Department in Organic Farming and studied in Amritapuri Ashram (Valikau, India) All under the grace of the Guru “Amma” who ever since build the path for his dedicated footsteps. Another sincere positiveRead more


Laura Kohlhase

At a young age of 21 Laura worked as the first Drama Therapist in the Oncology and Clinical Psychology in the famous “Amrita Institute of Medical Science” and became a pioneer with her work. She perfectly adapted to the Indian culture, which was well noted by her mentor, colleagues and friends. “It is like coming home” she often said. One of her successes was an improvisation theatre group for the staff of Read more