‘State of One’ is a mindful approach to finding your inner Zen.
Your emotional detox program that offers a personalized path for you in order to reach your ultimate potential by merging ancient yogic sciences with creative exercises. Our ‘State of One’ sessions aim to relax the body, silence the mind and boost the energy….. helping to shed light on the true source of what you are: infinite, formless energy. A ‘State of One’ session will plant a seed in you.Read more


A seed that is your truest essence….a free, forever young, healthy, naturally blissful and joyful form of energy.
Holding onto the belief that you are an infinite form of energy, one becomes more universal, more free, more natural, more accepting and patient.
Our sessions offer methods on how to water this seed in order to achieve your ultimate potential. It gives a wider, more open way to experience life and all its aspects.
A sense of universal belonging will grow within.
A higher level of awareness and clarity of mind will begin to occur.
A greater understanding of your own power over imbalances you experience, whether it is be physical, emotional or social. You will experience yourself as a creator of the NOW…and recognize that NOW is all we have; it is all that exists.
The uniqueness in ‘State of One’ lies in the blend of yogic and selective creative exercises.
This blend ensures a solid flow that leads to an ashram-like experience; a touch of natural joy and blissfulness; a cosmic tender hug; a brighter, clearer, wider view of the world….Body, mind and energy : cleansing the physical, detoxing the mind and charging lively energies, in addition to providing the tools to maintain and develop those effects on one’s own. A higher truths, serenity, a greater sense of belonging and identity.
Those changes are radical, touching the core foundations of a person, yet it is effortless and mellow. Open up and surrender, and achieve your desired results.

When in Light, there is no problem.
Love & Light


Wissam Malaeb

It all began with a ticket to India when Wissam opened up to the Yogic sciences and became, together with his partner Laura Kohlhase, founder of a unique merge: Yogic Science and Creative Exercises. He served and studied in Amritapuri Ashram (Valikau, India) under the grace of his Guru Mata Amritanandamayi  devi (Amma) who ever since build the path for his dedicated footsteps. Another sincere positive impact had the certified “Inner Engineering” course designed by the worldwide known spiritual master Sadhguru Jagi Vasudev (Coimbatore, India).Read more

Before this life changing experiences he worked with the UN on various projects in refugee camps in Lebanon. “To me India is a State of Mind, not a country”, Wissam says. Due to wonderful personal experiences and the inspiring people he met, Wissam realized that the source of wellbeing lies within and that everyone and everything is naturally joyful. He found his profession in bringing this awareness together with Laura in a unique way to the people, thus “State of ONE” was born. A collaborative work that mixes modern ways of therapy (creative) and the ancient practices of wellbeing (Yogic) aiming to plant a seed in a person that happiness, joy, harmony and liberation is an inner job.

Laura Kohlhase

At a young age of 21 Laura worked as the first Drama Therapist in the Oncology and Clinical Psychology in the famous “Amrita Institute of Medical Science” and became a pioneer with her work. She perfectly adapted to the Indian culture, which was well noted by her mentor, colleagues and friends. “It is like coming home” she often answered. One of her successes was an improvisation theatre group for the staff of the hospital, to relax them from their work and to make status differences fade away through playfulness. In her therapy sessions Laura introduced her yogic background more and more to the client. Due to the positive reactions it grabbed her attention and together with Wissam the idea was set into action. Read more

Being surrounded by the hugging saint “Amma”, a belief manifested in Laura that everything has a deeper meaning and is in a cosmic balance. She realized the best therapy is the one you have already inside. The keys how to understand our own body, mind and soul opened this vision and blossomed in collaboration with Wissam into a new approach: merging Spirituality with Creative exercises. This establishment grew out of the deep wanting to share the wonderful experience of Oneness and knowledge which Laura and Wissam had learned in India. Making a difference in someone’s life and reflecting “I’m alive that’s enough.” That is the aim.